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Councils require all new homes to have a House Energy Rating. A score of zero to five stars is determined according to how much energy is....
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Robinia is entirely flexible with the design of your new home: you can choose from Robinia's extensive range of modern, spacious and innovative plans...
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Echo Smart Homes

The Energy Smart Homes Policy addresses the main energy uses in a home: heating, cooling and water heating.


Councils require all new homes to have a House Energy Rating. A score of zero to five stars is determined according to how much energy is likely to be consumed to maintain comfortable year-round temperatures inside the home.


The hot water service is rated according to it's energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions. Councils require a minimum three-star rating before they are able to grant building approval. At Robinia Building, we believe that energy-smart homes offer our clients a better quality of house, being more comfortable and costing less to run - we aim for every home to have the highest 'Five Star Energy Rating'.


An energy-smart house such as the designs built by Robinia can save you money on your bills as well as reducing the impact the running of a household can have on the environment.


Using energy-smart technology means you can keep naturally warm in winter and cool in summer, without having to pay more when your home is built.


What does it all mean?

Our design team have been trained in energy-smart technology, the aspect of every block is considered once a design is chosen. Our design team will offer advice as to what can be incorporated into the design to ensure 'five star efficiency'.


In our energy-smart 'Melaleuca' the north facing windows trap the winter sun, the ceramic tiles hold that warmth and the 'coldest' the temperature will ever drop to is 13 degrees (a zero star rated home would drop to 7 degrees). In summer the 'hottest' temperature our energy-smart home will reach is 30 degrees (a zero star rated home would reach 39 degrees).


We aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are produced from energy generation and are the major cause of global warming.


The Robinia Team believe we have achieved affordable excellence and have set a new standard in affordable energy-smart homes.


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